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Rate My Date

100% Free & independent 

Rate my date completely support's online dating... This app is great way to share your online dating experiences and help keep internet-based dating as safe as possible.

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How does it work?

Version 6.221 (20.10.2023)


Go online dating!


use our platform to share your experience and help others who may be in the same region and dating pool as you as safe as possible.

download link from the app store
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Share your opinion and have access to the opinions of others, either in your area or throughout the world!

Link with others and have conversations about your online dating experiences.

Build your profile on our app, add your profile picture (if you want to) and build a diary of your dating past!

Link with other online dating apps for accurate profiles of online daters!

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About us

Here at Rate my date we completely support online dating & the use of dating sites / apps, however, we believe knowledge is power, and so we allow people to share their dating experience and provide information to others as a helping hand.


By making use of 5 simple questions you can Rate your dating experience, enabling other users to have a safer and happier date, without attacking someone personally.


We encourage integrity, kindness and respect amongst users and hope to maintain a positive environment. We will not support or tolerate any hateful, bullying, gas-lighting, misogynistic or abusive behavior and such comments/ users will be removed.


We wish everyone the best of luck finding their partner in this crazy online world.


Please Remember Rate, don't hate!